Sui Generis 3.0

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Sui Generis 3.0



The Sui Generis wines are for my own exploration. My playground. One off, never repeated wines. This is the third instalment of a sui generis wine. Every vintage, unique wines to the core Mada range will evolve through a desire to individually express a certain vineyard or the varieties within.

100% Pinot Gris
Every vintage a small component of Pinot Gris is put through carbonic maceration before blending back in to my final Pinot Gris blend, along side a barrel fermentation component, and a stainless steel tank component. The carbonic component, while only comprising approximately 15% of the final wine, brings considerable energy and texture. Texture built through the slow, patient process of carbonic maceration. As the berries break down over time, the wine is exposed to the pink skins of Pinot Gris where it picks up the vibrant colour to match the generosity on the palate. 

In keeping with the sui generis approach to these wines, every wine has influence from a different artist.

John Ruman - Bolt & Berries
Block print on hand cut linen

‘I wanted the idea to be as close to the philosophy of Sui Generis as possible. Using block printing onto a hand cut fabric label meant that each individual bottle would be just that, uniquely individual.

The idea in the design was 18 berries for the 2018 vintage and the lightning bolt to symbolise the one-off approach. As the saying goes,  'Lightning never strikes the same place twice'.

LIMIT - 2 per customer

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